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21st Century Success (The table setting edition finale)

We started setting the table straight in our previous post. So, we want to proceed from where we stopped. If you missed the last post you can click here to understand better how we got where we are now.

That been said, let’s jump right in.

What is the balance between success and possession? Like it was stated earlier, success is a progressive realization of a worthy idea and it’s not based on what you get or can do, but on who you are. When you are rewarded for the value you offer, there are ways in which the reward (money) can be spent. First of all, never forget your source. Another thing is, whatever you spend money on, and doesn’t in any way make you a person of excellence, have just made you POORER.

So, success is becoming a person of excellence, and being that means you have to do things as the best and highest standard of that thing. If as a financial analyst, you see a well-structured craft and it appeals to you. Acquiring it as a possession, without it adding any substantial value to you has translated to a waste of resources and time.

Now, success balances possession when what is been acquired is done with the mindset and aim of helping with what you are doing. If you get a car or a private jet so as to cut down expenses on transportation or traveling, that is efficient and a person of excellence rather than being extravagant and thoughtless. So, whatever possession you are acquiring, must help you in the achievement of the goal and becoming a better person.

Getting possession is not wrong, how and why you get what you get is what makes the difference. Going out of your way to get to show that you are successful is not the way. Meanwhile, success in its truest form is who you are. Having what people call luxury is not wrong as long as it helps you become who you are supposed to be and keep you in the line of purpose.

So, what do you say to those who get more than what is required? Everything has its own level of significance. The moment you can’t point to the usefulness of a possession, it has lost its relevance and becomes a problem. There are levels you get to that makes having certain possessions important and not having it can make you less effective. Everything acquired could either be an asset or a liability.

Is success a journey or a destination, how would you describe it? It is definitely a journey like we’ve earlier established. Success is not final, failure is not fatal. Your road to success can be built up with failures and your path to failure could be built with success (the kind that makes you relax when celebrated because of the last success you’ve got). Success and failure are not in themselves finite, it is a design we keep living every day.

How important is design to success? Because we live in a show off the world that sells the idea that makes people look like it, but not necessarily have to be it. The “fake it till you make it” idea – creating enough perception or appearance to look like the real deal but being far from it. It’s like being gold-plated and not being actual gold. This has made some people gotten some possession that are not needed or helpful to them.

Never leave out the fact that success is a design. So, no matter what you achieve out of design cannot be successful. Remember that we earlier talked about reference points. So, if your reference point for success is Obama when you look like or become him, then you are successful. The reason why people ask “who is your mentor?” is to know who your success reference point is. So, we can’t talk about success without reference and we can effectively do that if we don’t look into the design.

For example; when a chair is made, it is to be sat upon. But if it was burnt for warmth in cold weather because there was no firewood, was it successful? Based on a need, function, or a purpose (another definition we gave success), it is successful (at least it was useful and efficient for the moment). But based on design, it is not! The highest expression of success is based on design, not on a make-shift.

When you begin to function out of design, you lose relevance. Let’s say a scientist is to make a research on a microorganism in a specific location, but he decided to buy a car, house and video games with it, has any of this properties aided his design? Absolutely not! But if he got a gigantic microscopic for experiment purposes, then is he successful? Definitely! (at least, he’s on his path to find a microorganism) – the possession is aiding the design.

A design or make-shift

So, being according to design is important. Nature is the world is to try to create a make-shift. What is a make-shift? It is the usage of something or someone to achieve something that is not your design and be lured to believe that because you have achieved that thing, you are successful, whereas you are not. Because you didn’t function in design, you function in a make-shift, just like the chair that was burnt. So, we won’t be able to quantify success, until we start talking about DESIGNS.

That’s why your mentor should mirror your design. If your mentor is out of your design, you will most likely not going to be successful. You might be as successful as your mentor, but not as YOU – by design. The aim is not to be like somebody, the goal is to be who you truly are. Who we look up to, have to mirror our innate design. In the end, success is defined by what I have, but what I have are aids to becoming successful.

Our statements shouldn’t be I have a house, cars, this or that. It is meant to be how the things we have helped us to be successful. Everything we have must be in tune with the design that you have. Success is also not just about you and how convenient it is for you. It at times demands that you think less about yourself and more of other people. Success is read in impact. The language of success is IMPACT!

Success demands that you looking from the lens of impact. It will often push you out of your comfort zone. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with your personal pleasure, yet you’d have to do it because that is your design.

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