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21st century success (The table setting edition)

In our previous post we addressed the general knowledge and misconceptions of success. but today, we’ll be setting the tables that was broken. In case you missed the last post, you can find the link here.

Moving on.

Does success have value or is it indisciplined? The path to making money is now a way of generating money to be successful, not a proof of being successful. In the current century, success does not really have values and discipline; it simply has an end and results. So, someone might go through the rigor of attaining success with every detail paid attention to, just to achieve a goal that later translates into monetary value, but another person could just pursue money and they both end up at the same junction. One with effort and result, and the other with just result. The current century wants just a result, but the real question is who has a successful result?

So, let’s set the Table right. To set anything that has become a norm or culture right to how should need a new level of information.  Do you think someone’s thinking pattern can be changed and on what level do you think it can be changed? Yes! Because you make decisions or think based on nothing, but you do based on the information you have and make decisions based on your thinking pattern. Your thinking pattern produces your decisions.

For example, if a statement of fact is been said like “I love you”, it is your thinking pattern that makes you conclude on what the giver of information/fact is saying, it has nothing to do with how genuine the intention was. So, information could be genuinely a statement of fact and still be misinterpreted because of the receiver’s state of mind. But when a person is exposed to new waves of information over a period of time, it causes a paradigm shift in the thought pattern, and a new culture will begin to emerge.

How do you check the “rightness” of the information you have that has the power to influence your life? Information is as correct as its reference. There is no yardstick to measure right, wrong, good or bad, except there is a reverence point which determines what is positive or negative. When the reference changes, what was positive could either be negative or stays positive. If Adolf Hitler is your reference point or school of thought for leadership, what kind of leadership ideas will you represent? Definitely, the one that communicates a forceful command to his people.

But the question now is, what reference can I have for the right information, true statements, and a way of life? Or what is the best philosophy when it comes to living? If a fellow human being is the source of our philosophy and idea of truth, then there won’t be a need for knowing the right or wrong point. Because he also is as flawed as the person who is getting the information him, and if everything happens by chance and we can as well keep living by it without any need for balance or cross-checking for what is true or false. The most important and relevant source of information that can give the right or wrong perspective to living is an entity-GOD.

So, what really makes success?  Firstly, we must know that success is not final just as failure is not fatal. Success is not a destination, it’s a journey. Failure is not the end; it’s a process of learning. Success is peace of mind attained only through satisfaction (knowing that you’ve done your best to improve the situation you are in). Because what you referred to as success for me might not be my best.

I might be doing something that is worthwhile and it looks like I am doing well, but I am very aware that I am not giving my all. We have look at it first from the individual point of view, it also reflects an organization and a nation. In a situation where a goal is set by me, it means I also have resources and capacities that are enough for the goal that was set.

But, let’s say the project was done and the resources and capacities were not exhausted, that only means that I have not given my best, neither have I been stretched. It was something that happens to be at the conference of my convenience. You might see it as a success, but I know very well that I haven’t given in my best. We have to give in our best because we are living in a time where people are more concerned about the monetary value that comes with success and it is way beyond that.

The problem is that everybody wants to be independent and be their own boss. The truth is that not everyone can be creative, some are very good at making other people’s ideas come to reality. Some people have to be regimented, while some will be leaders. Everybody must understand what role they are skilled and naturally good at.

As a career person, success is not in what job you are doing, it is you doing the job. That way, at some point you become too good and relevant where you are, then you will be needed to move higher and be rewarded for that. But if you are a CEO running an organization, there are a lot of things that it takes from you. It takes your time and a lot of study. The idea that you can be successful and have it all is not realistic. Every one of these things has its own challenges. So, success is not the end, it is a process that is continuous and individual putting their best in all the time. It’s a journey.

The reason you have to do your best is to know that even if I don’t get to the end of your goal, you will know that you have been successful to a certain degree. You shoot for the moon and if you don’t get it, you might end up having stars. Because you might not be able to achieve every goal you set in the time frame allocated to it, but that doesn’t say you weren’t successful as far as you gave all you can to achieve it and something has happened because of that (might not be the goal). That can also be counted as a success. It is becoming the best and highest presentation of who you are not what you do or get.


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